Splotch is the mascot of the Wiki! He belongs to no Clan and wanders around and discovers many more Clans. No one would know about Deadclan if He hadn't found it. He is sometimes called the Wanderer, and he is mates with Hawkheart. His strange colors have earned him the name Splotch and Color Cat.
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Splotch has one white paw and several black splotches on an orange coat. He has two different
colored eyes, blue and green and the tip of her tail is black. He has powerful muscles and a small frame. His teeth are extra sharp because he sharpens them on stones every day and his claws are reinforced with fox teeth in case he meets any powerful enemies.


Splotch was a lonely kitten, because his mother was taken away when he was 5 moons old. This has scared him. When he was 10 moons old, he started wandering. He then wandered over mountians that he called the Death Mountians because a clan called Deathclan lived there. After wandering for 5 seasons he came upon Darkclan, and they helped him and pointed him towards the four Clans, Shadowclan, Windclan, Thunderclan, and Riverclan. When he found them, he started calling these four Clans the Center Clans. At one of their Gatherings, he appeared and told tales of the Death Mountians and of Deathclan. The four Leaders of these Clans told him he was welcome anytime in their territory and invited him to come every four seasons, or every New Turn,to tell stories.