Spiderclaw is pure evil. He tried to kill numerous cats,and formed a group of cats that tried to destroy Darkclan with. He was the one who killed Darkstar's mate,Darkclaw. When he was a kit he played games with his food and murdered his brother and sister,but was never caught. When he was an apprentice,he went and collected poisonous spiders and hid them in the deputy's food. The deputy died almost immediatly. He was never caught. As a warrior he became even more evil. In battle he would kill cats instead of just chasing them off. He found a mate and he began to hate cats that had white hair. His mate had a tiny spot of white but he didn't know yet. His mate soon had kits and he began to teach them killing moves. He soon found out that his mate had white on her and he went and killed her. The kits also had white on them and he killed them too.

One day he was caught trying to kill the windclan deputy,Talltail. He then confessed everything he did. He was banished from the clan and they chased him out. His mates sister,Hawkheart,went crazy and then began to hunt him down and soon found him. She watched him until he fell asleep and then she killed him. She gave him a painful death.


He is a classic tabby with one ear bitten off from a battle and has many scars. He has a black muzzle with a white chin and three black tail rings.