about SOPA and PIPAEdit

SOPA is short for stop online piracy act. and PIPA means protect IP act.these acts are opposed by many and some sites have been blacked out.many wikis have been blacked out too.SOPA and PIPA represent 2 bills in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate respectively.these bills are supposed to stop copyright infringment by foreign websites.what will really happen is that it will infringe free expression while harming the internet.this cannot be learn more go to take action go to:

how it will affect youEdit

it will make all websites have to scan everything a person posts,edits,and other things.this will mean longer editing and stuff on wikia.this will be an unpleasant experiance for the user.

what it effects nowEdit

right now it is causing many important websites to blackout.googlehas blacked out and so has are some other things it has caused:

what you can doEdit

you can check out these websites: or this one to learn