Ratscar is a senior warrior and is respected by most of his clan mates. He once fought off a group of a hundred rats and got a scar wich gave him his name. He hates all kittypets including Celeste even when Celeste joined. He treats Celeste like she is worthless and he lost the respect of her. He has many scars from battling the rats and is very proud of them. Maybe a little to proud.


Ratscar has short black fur and yellow eyes. His tail is shortened because a cat ripped it off. One of his legs are twisted at an odd angle and his claws are also twisted. There are several scars on his boy and face. There is also one on the side of his body.



His LifeEdit

He started out as Longkit and then at seven moons old(wich is one moon later than most kits)he became Longpaw. He soon fought the battle of the rats(sometimes called the rat battle)and helped defeat the rats.After the battle he was badly scarred by the rats.He soon had his warrior ceromony and his name was changed to Ratscar.