My cat.

Teeny Tiny!!!






Pineclan is a natural forest clan ruled by me, Leafstar. My loyal deputy, Hawkheart welcomes you!!! I love fresh meat.

My LifeEdit

I was once a loner, searching for food with my two sisters, Mouse and Lunar. While chasing a squirrel, a fox picked up Mouse. She was gone.Edit

I found Pineclan, hungrey and lost. Clawstar took me in. Lunar had died of starvation. He happily welcomed me.Edit

How I Became Leader.Edit

I was sitting in the leader's den with the dying Clawstar. I was deputy. He passed away in his sleep.Edit

I traveled to Moonstone and got my nine lives.Edit

1. My mother: She gave me the gift of love.

2 and 3. My sisters: They gave me the gifts of Compassion and Caring.

4. My father: He gave me the gift of Knowing.

5,6 and 7. My brothers: They gave me the gifts of Freedom, Happiness and the gift of fun.

8 and 9. My former leader: The gift of Starclan's powers.

They all chanted my name'"Leafstar,Leafstar!!!" I was a true leader now.

Though, I am so lonley.

I feel dead.

Prey of Pineclan

We mostly eat woodland critters, such as: Mice, birds and squirrels.

Deputy: Hawkheart.

Medicine cat: Tinyhiss


Spiderclaw, Gorsepaw

Yellowwhisker, Fangpaw

Mousetail, Greenpaw

Brownmeow, Willowpaw


Brindlehiss mother of 2 small kits





Just So You Know: In real life, Spiderclaw is my personal Scratching dummy!!:)!

My mother was a clan cat, but left, she was known as Goldenfrost.

My father was Deadclaw.

The leader was my grandfather: Clawstar!

My mother died because she fell off a cliff!!

I am sad!!

My father died of unknown causes.

My deputy, Hawkheart is really nice.

But, asks you to leave Pineclan.

Bye! Come back soon!!