The BeginningEdit

Pine sat on a branch. He looked around for Leaf and Dirt. Suddenly, Leaf and Dirt came bursting from the undergrowth. "We have an idea!!!!!" They yowled. Pine listened carefully. He nodded. They would start clans.


Pine chose all of the cats with quick wits and srength.


Leaf chose all of the cats that were agile and brainy.


Dirt chose all of the remaining cats in the group.

This was the dawn of the clans.


Pine's cats hunted most prey- except fish. Pineclan did not like fish!

Leaf's cats ate everthing. All of Leafclan were fat!!

Dirt's cats ate grubs because the live underground- ewwwwww.


Pineclan lives in an big wood near a lake. There is a lot of prey in the area and they constantly fight with Leafclan.

Leafclan lives in the same area as Pineclan. They constantly steal prey and refuse to eat the fish.

Dirtclan lives underground. They really only come out for Togethers. They smell like mud.


Togethers are a special thing for all clans.

Leafstar thinks that she's the boss.