Moonshine is the current medicine cat of Darkclan along with Darkshard and Shineheart. She is blind but,she seems to be a good medicine cat. All her clanmates trust her greatly and she can do amazing things. She walk in others dreams like Jayfeather. She can also change her eye and pelt color which is very strange. Even though she can't see she can walk around without tripping even in unknown territory! She was originally mentored by Flameheart,but he died before she was fully trained so Darkshard took over her training.


Moonshine can change her pelt color any time ,but she usually stays like she was born. She is shiny gray like the moon with bright blue eyes. She has a long tail with very long fur and very bright earpink. Other times she copies the look of Darkstar because she is sad that she is dead. Sometimes she looks like her old mentor to mourn for him. Other times she randomly picks colors or she copies a clanmate to trick cats.

Her LifeEdit

She was born to Darkstar during Leaffall and lived in the nursery with her siblings Leafkit, Birchkit, and Oakkit. At 6 moons they became apprentices. Moonpaw's siblings became warrior apprentices and Moonpaw became a medicine cat apprentice training under Flameheart. 1 moon later Flameheart died and Darkshard began to train Moonpaw. Moonpaw soon learned of her powers and began to use them and scared other cats. 2 moons later she received her warrior name: Moonshine.3 moons later darkstar died.

Moonshine then helped a queen named Lionclaw give birth to one kit named shinekit.shinekit was born blind and deaf.she probably was not able to become a warrior.she however had a good connection with starclan and moonshine decided she would take her on as an apprentice.she was able to teach shinekit,now shinepaw through dreams.she taught her a sort of sign language so she could understand.the sign language worked like this:one cat would go up to her and brush there tail on her in different ways.

the whole clan learned it.after training shinepaw for 10 moons(wich is a long time because of the clan learning the sign language)moonshine gave her a warrior name.shinepaw you have done your best as an apprentice and i comend you as a warrior to the light paths that our ancestors walk.until you are faded and old and forgotten your name will be shineheart.may all ancestors light your path forever and ever.

family and mentorsEdit

mother:darkstar(deceased) father:firestar of thunderclan siblings:leafheart,oakclaw,birchleaf mentors:flameheart(deceased),darkshard