Welcome to WarriorCat Creations! Thank you for dropping by! If you need any help just ask me, Dark Meow. If you are interested in becoming an admin,please see the requirements page. Everything about positions will be there.

Important ProjectsEdit

I have an idea for a multiple language Wiki. The idea is to have a several copies of pages in different languages. Anyone who is interested in this project or has any ideas, please tell me, Dark Meow. Another important project is to reach 50 Non-Stub pages on the wiki and to come up with some new Clans.

About The WikiEdit

This wiki is dedicated to making up Warrior Cats and clans. The current Administrators are me, dark meow, and Leafstar22. So far the wiki has 35 pages. The goal for this wiki is to reach 50 Non-Stub pages. A few other goals to keep in mind are completing Stub pages, becoming a regular editor, and helping attract others to the Wiki.

Things To Take Note Of and See

  • Creation Day is on October 1!
  • Check out the oldest page here!
  • Take a look at the oldest Clan here!
  • Say hi to the Wiki creator, Dark Meow!
  • Take a look at the Requierments Page here!

User wallEdit

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