Hawkheart murdered the evil Spiderclaw and was banished from her clan. She murdered him because she was trying to protect her clan, but despite this she was still banished. Even though she is separate from the clans she still has a connection with her Warrior Ancestors. After finding the mysterious clan, she found the cat known as The Wanderer. She was a bit odd in her clan, she saw things no other cat did and understood things better than most cats.

The mysterious clan she found is impossible to find unless you are special, and the cats there were like her. Hawkheart almost stayed with the clan until she found the Wanderer. The Wanderer understood her unlike her old clan, and she liked traveling so she went with him. They soon fell in love and became mates.


Hawkheart is a gray classic tabby with no tail and one black paw. She also has gray lynx points and a black blaze on her face. She has no tail and one of her ears is missing. Hawkheart has black eye dots on her face and a black muzzle. She has two scars,one on her neck and on her face. One ear has a notch in it.


Hawkheart is a bit odd to say the least. However she is extremely loyal to her clan (Pineclan) and she defends it with her life. After murdering Spiderclaw she was thrown out of her clan. She then wandered around until she found a mysterious clan called Deathclan (not to be confused with Deadclan). After staying there for a while she wandered around again until she found a strange cat that also wandered around. The two fell in love and began traveling together.