harshstar was the leader of deadclan.he started the clan because he wanted a better life.others did to and when scourge was killed they went off on there own
into the wild and found a huge gorge.harshstar found the cave of spirits and found bloodclans ancestors.he spoke to them and they gave him nine lives.bloodclans ancestors also gave him the warrior code and said they regretted their mistakes.

harshstar was the first leader of deadclan and is one of the greatest.he told deadstar to pass the collar down.he is also thought to be related to firestar someway because harshstar was scourges son.


harshstar is a male and has pale yellow tabby stripes.his tail has three pale yellow rings.he wears a black collar with dog teeth.he has a small scar on his face and another scar on his neck under his collar.and another scar down his side.