Flameheart was the medicine cat of Darkclan.He mentored Moonshine.He did not live very long.he lived for 15 moons and then he died from an outbreak of redcough.His mentor was Embertuft.he was the first cat to find a cure for redcough and the first cat to die from it.


He is a fiery red with green eyes and short fur.He has a long tail and earpink and yellow eyes.

His lifeEdit

He was born to Whiteflower in leafbare and lived in the nursery with his siblings Darkkit,Rosekit,and Rockkit. He wanted to be a medicine cat because when he was sleeping his ancestors spoke to him. At 6 moons old he became Flamepaw and trained to become a medicine cat under Darkshard. At 12 moons he became Flameheart while at the dark stone. 1 moon later Darkshard became an elder. Flameheart became the full medicine cat. At 14 moons he took on an apprentice named Moonpaw. He then got the sickness redcough and soon after discovered a cure for it. He was able to save his clan but not himself. At 15 moons he died before Moonpaw could have her warrior ceromony.