Not to be confused with DeadclanEdit


Deathclan's cats are guant and skinny from lack of food. They are only allowed to eat on piece of freshkill every two days. Their coats are usually dull and brown. Most of the cats only live to be a warrior for a few seasons. The leaders don't recieve nine lives like other leaders, but they get a special power from their ancestors. Every five years, they worship a comet that is said to hold all of their warrior ancestors. During those days they are not allowed to eat anything.

Anycat that is not part of their clan that is found on their territory will be killed and eaten. Only leaders from other clans are allowed to speak with the leader, and even that is dangerous. Kits that were killed at birth for being white are not welcome with their warrior ancestors on the comet. these cats go to where the other bad cats go.

White cats are killed because of an old tradition and event that condemned white cats. Strangely, black cats are given much more respect than most cats, and are usually chosen as deputies. The only white cat that ever lived from Deathclan was Whiteberry, a cat important to a prophecy.

Deathclan's cats are nightmarishly large, and their teeth usually poke out of their mouths. They are so big that they sometimes hunt and eat wolves. They are the size of three normal cats.


Rats, other cats, and sometimes voles. Rats are found in an old abandoned mill. Voles are hunted around the territory. All white cats are also killed and eaten, even if they are born that way as kits.