deadstar was a bloodclan warrior.he followed harshstar to make a better clan.he is badly scarred from scourge.scourge even tryed to kill him once!he is a wise leader and cats like him and trust him.he followed harshstar closely and was his best friend.he supported the decision to leave bloodclan.he also helped get the clan a little more organized.they have a clan camp thanks to him!

he also appointed a medicine cat.he also thought and suggested that they use the clans warrior code.he is old though.he found a way to speak to bloodclans ancestors.through the cave of spirits.he then got his nine lives.


he is blue gray with light blue lynx points and a light pink nose.he has three black faint tail rings.he has long fur and a long tail and long ear is missing while the other one has two notches in it.he has a missing eye while the other one has a cataract.he has many scars on him.

his lifeEdit

he was born during greenleaf.his mother,leaf raised till he was six moons old then threw him out.he brought offerings to scourge to keep him from hurting him.he started to work for bone at the age of 8 moons and did his job.he was never rewarded and treated badly.then harsh rose against bloodclan and dead joined them.soon after that they separated from bloodclan and started calling themselves deadclan.they got there own names.dead was called deadpelt and harsh was called harshstar.they made a the age of 10 moons deadpelt became deputy.then 10 moons later harshstar died.deadpelt went and got his nine lives/he was the first to get nine lives.