Deadclan is loosely organized and is much like Bloodclan except they are more peaceful. They also believe in Starclan and the Warrior Code. Their leader is kind and wears a collar of dog teeth like Scourge. Most of the cats of Deadclan are descended from Bloodclan. They were embarrassed of there old clan and they wanted a better life,so they came together and formed a new clan. The collar that Deadstar,the leader,wears is the very collar that Scourge once wore.

They weren't excepted for a while until they saved Windclan from starvation,then they were excepted. All the cats in Deadclan are badly scarred from the battle when scourge tried to take the forest. After they grouped together they promised to never ever make the same mistakes scourge made. Because of this Deadstar is merciful on all cats. They are a small clan.

The Cats of DeadclanEdit

Leader Deadstar

Past Leaders: Harshstar

Deputy Treefur

Past deputies:Deadheart

Medicine Cats Honeyheart,Freeheart

Past Medicine Cats:Prickleface

Warriors Brokenclaw,Emberclaw,Shrewface,Lostteeth,Tigerjump

Apprentices and Their Mentors Snakepaw with Brokenclaw,Rabbitpaw with Emberclaw,Longpaw with Shrewface,Heartpaw with Tigerjump

Queens Longtooth

Kits Smallkit,Sagekit

Elders Swiftfoot,Hareheart


They live a deep gorge where there once was a river. Twolegs call it Death Gorge. Their camp is made of different caves which connect. The leaders den is separate from the other caves and only connects with the Cave of Spirits and the medicine den.


They usually hunt birds and other prey that stray into the gorge. The prey can never get out once in.

Special SkillsEdit

They have good climbing abilities and can jump and run. Their strong pads help when they fall.