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About Darkclan

Darkclan is a clan that lives underground. They are strong and sleek and they have a lot of cats living in the clan. They are also very calm and usually stay to themselves. Darkclan has an underground river and an underground lake. They usually teach apprentices how to swim in the underground lake. They have the Darkstone to go and communicate with there ancestors. Sometimes they talk with Starclan and other times to there own ancestors hunting grounds called the light tunnels. When cats die they have a choice: go to the light tunnels or go to Starclan. They attend gatherings with the rest of the clans.


They live underground where light never touches. There tunnels are deep in the earth that lead to other openings at the end of them. The tunnels have to be strengthened by thick branches. They have prey tunnels where they hunt food. Then they have tunnels to the Dark stone. There is no light on the path to the Darkstone. Then they have the tunnel to the outside. This tunnel is lit. They live under the other clans so they can hear battle plans and other things.


They usually hunt moles and in winter they eat rabbits that have burrowed into the ground to hibernate. Sometimes they go out of the ground to hunt other prey like mice,voles,fish,and shrews.

Special Skills

They are known to come out of nowhere and the ability to see even when there is no light. They have strong front paws so that they can dig and swim. They are known to be mysterious but they don't usually cause trouble with the other Clans.

The cats of Darkclan



Past leaders (from newest to oldest): Darkstar, Sunstar, Blackstar

Deputy: Iceheart

Past deputies (from newest to oldest):Darkheart, Sunshine

Warriors: Blackheart, Foxtooth, Shardclaw, Ratscar, Hawkflight, Longtooth, Greyface, Darkclaw, Leafheart, Oakclaw, Birchleaf, Foxheart, Lionclaw, Tigerstripe

Medicine Cats: Darkshard, Moonshine, Shineheart

Past medicine cats (from newest to oldest):Flameheart, Embertuft, Sunspot

Apprentices And Their Mentors: Snowpaw with Blackheart, Smallpaw with Foxtooth, Eggpaw with Shardclaw, Mousepaw with Ratscar, Tinypaw with Hawkflight

Elders: Darkshard, Snowdrift,Rockclaw, Longjump, Foxhop

Queens: None

Kits: None


They are usually feared because of its many strong cats. Their pelts are always dark colors and they hunt in prey tunnels where prey are usually hiding. They also have an underground river in wich they get water from. They keep their tunnels from collapsing by putting up strong branches. Their camp is a huge place dug out by many cats wich took many seasons. Their first leader,blackstar,first lived outside until they found some tunnels that had been left from ancient Darkclan.