Celeste is a kittypet who went and joined Darkclan. She refused to take up a warrior name because she is proud of her kittypet name. Everyone thought she couldn't hunt until she brought back a huge eagle. She wouldn't tell where she got it from though. She mostly stayes to herself. She is an older cat, but refuses to become an elder. She said that she'll be a warrior till she dies. She never excepts help from anyone but her apprentice. She doesn't seem to like Sharpstar and never listens to anyone but herself,but she is good in battle and watches out for her clanmates.


She is gray with a white underbelly with a short tail and with short fur. She has white tipped toes and a white chest. She has a black nose with green eyes.

Her LifeEdit

She was a kittypet until she ran away because her twoleg was hurting her. She became a rogue and caught her own prey. She soon met Bloodclan. They attacked her,but she easily fended them off. By the time they left she was hurt badly. She headed into the forest and fell into Darkclan's hole. She landed on top of Sharpstar and surprised him. Sharpstar made her go to the medicine den. By the time she healed, she had decided to stay. Soon she got an apprentice because she proved she was strong and loyal.