AspenClan is a small Clan that lives deep in the forest. Their camp is a pile of boulders and broken rocks overriden by plants; the cats make their nests in crevices between the rocks.

AspenClan was created when a she-cat named Aspenleaf and about a dozen other Clan cats were separated from the four Clans during the Great Journey. The cats split apart over time, but Aspenleaf and the cats that followed her found the forest and the rock pile in the center. They made it their camp and chose to become a Clan, named after their first leader just like the Clans of the forest.



Known as the first leader of AspenClan, Aspenstar was a sleek, mottled gold she-cat with eyes as green as a newleaf bud. She was a loving cat who cared about her Clan above herself.


Scarredstar is a muscled, durable sooty brown tabby tom with one light blue eye. The left side of his face is gashed with scars from a battle with a fox, and he's missing an eye. Under Scarredstar's leadership AspenClan became the strongest of the four new Clans and their territory was well protected. Though forever obedient to the warrior code, Scarredstar was on good terms with the other Clans and this helped prevent conflict. He, however, had a vicious rivalry with the young female leader of FrostClan, Swallowstar.


Wolftooth is a huge sandy-coloured tom with icy blue eyes. Strong and silent, Wolftooth was never a friendly cat. Despite his DawnClan heritage, Wolftooth's loyalty to AspenClan has been unwavering and he has even fought against his own family to defend his Clan. He is renowned as an excellent mentor, hunter, and fighter.


Hawktalon is a greying tabby tom, once a rich tawny brown, with hawklike yellow eyes. A retired medicine cat, Hawktalon was known as one of the best medicine cats of any Clan's; his understanding of herbs is astounding and his detached, clinical nature gave him a cool head in face of dangerous situations. Though he's retired now, Hawktalon enjoys butting his nose into the current medicine cat's business and making his knowledge known whenever possible.


Mothflutter is a reddish gold and white tabby she-cat with soft green eyes. The newest medicine cat after Hawktalon's retirement, she has inherited her mentor's ability. However, she has the compassion he lacked, and she is trusted by even the kits of the Clan to always be sweet and gentle. She is a motherly type, and treats her Clanmates like her kits.